Europolis is one the biggest events in Poland concerning urban development. It is organized annually since 2013 by the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation together with the Capital City of Warsaw.

Next conference will take place on 15th of June at the Copernicus Science Centre. We invite to participate local and governmental authorities, non-governmental organisations, business entrepreneurs, academics. Attendance in the conference is free of charge.


Europolis 2018 was devoted to the topic of civic participation.

A growing group of citizens doesn’t want to be only passive recipients of messages or decisions made in town halls. They expect that their demands regarding the nearest space will be taken into account already at the stage of planning.

This requires  flexibility and openness from local governments, as well as adequate communication and negotiation skills. The expectations of different groups of residents are contradictory and very difficult to implement in a quick and trouble-free way.  Every year number of people who want to express their activity spontaneously and directly, and not only through formalized civic organizations, grows.

Increased participation must be accompanied by education and the construction of civic awareness. In order for it to be created, in many cases it is necessary to change attitudes, behaviors, way of thinking about issues related to the city and its inhabitants. Reaching out to the creativity and insights of residents is a great opportunity to find solutions that actually increase the quality of life in cities.

How to involve residents in decision-making in cities, how to effectively build space for agreement between local government authorities, business, science and civic society? These and other aspects of civic participation in cities were discussed at the Europolis 2018 conference.


During the Europolis 2018 conference we announced a comprehensive report about civic participation in Polish cities.


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