Europolis is one the biggest events in Poland concerning urban development. It is organized annually since 2013 by the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation together with the Capital City of Warsaw.


Next conference will take place on 2nd June at the Copernicus Science Centre. We invite to participate local and governmental authorities, non-governmental organisations, business entrepreneurs, academics. Attendance in the conference is free of charge. Please register here.


Europolis 2017 will be devoted to the topic of safety in terms of the quality of life of their inhabitants. The feeling of safety is every person’s basic need and thereby a factor which raises the quality of life in urban areas and helps to attract new residents. Contrary to the first association that ‘a safe city’ triggers, it is not only about low crime level but also about the reliability of energy and water supplies, possibility of finding employment as well as traffic, public transport and social security. In the age of dynamic technological development, the question of information warfare and security should not be omitted. The feeling of safety can be also influenced by public consultations and some other forms of real joint decision-making. These and other aspects of safety in cities we will discuss at the Europolis conference.


During the Europolis 2017 we will announce a comprehensive report about safety in Polish cities.


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